Just because…

Just because…



Sumptuous clusters of grapes drip from the vines in the vine house. Looks like our winter pruning and feeding programme is paying off.

Hello, hope your Monday went well! Each week here in the garden feels radically different to me. Unlike an office which remains static unless someone tidies/moves things, at BE everything is moving, constantly, within the cycle of the seasons.

This week we had clear objectives, I’ve started writing a weekly mission list and putting it on the notice board. I think this has helped me as much as anyone else, as each time we achieved something off the list I made a mental tick. Perhaps it’s not the same as having myriad small lists on notepads/phones/hands. With it looking more official, perhaps there’s more a sense of satisfaction in getting through it.

Tony appeared today. Lovely to see him. ‘I thought I’d make a start on hoeing the sweetcorn’ he said. Brilliant. It was already on my mission list, so he gets top marks for being a mind reader (he doesn’t often venture into the new-fangled portakabin to read my ‘very important notices’ and who can blame him?)


Tony, deft at work with the hoe. Here he is clearing weeds from the youngest fruit bushes.

Raffe was busy sowing the red cored carrots in another of the baby beds and preparing two more. He has really taken to those beds, enjoying the precision of the weights and measures with utter absorption in the task (peppered with Radio 2 and 3). Brilliant for someone who described himself as having a history of attention deficit. Here, there is never a chance to be bored.


I’m loving the neat order of these newest beds.

Liam and Guy have been weighing, sowing and watering zillions of microherbs. We think we’re nearly back to the pre-flea beetle era, thank goodness. The harvest tomorrow promises to be a great one.


Liam sowing. Yes, that is that latest seed dispenser aka a coffee jar, with holes drilled in the lid.

In the propagation department the rosemary is coming along nicely. We’ve taken two trayfuls of cuttings from the creeping and common varieties. Here I am concentrating hard on getting the cutting mix right. It’s like a giant cake mix. The vermiculte  that we add is a volcanic residue; inert and sterile it opens up the soil and helps delicate new roots to grow arguably far better than sharp sand.



Rosmarinus officinalis cuttings waiting patiently to go into the peach house.

Frank the tree surgeon came to help Adrian with some tree surgery on the wider estate. He hasn’t seen BE since early March and was very impressed at the transformation. ‘It’s just so green and alive’ he repeated.

Here’s a couple more pics I want to share with you. Just because.

Have a relaxing evening X


Agapanthus ‘Queen Mum’ opening its petals this afternoon. An unusual blend of cream and blue.


This evening’s sun shining through the sweetcorn.



Fat, ripening figs growing against the wall.




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