Bank holiday BE…

break after some hard work in the garden

Bank holiday BE…


A glistening garden as the rain pours down.

Rory is here to brighten my Bank Holiday weekend. Lucky me. He’s shot up and had to borrow Charlie’s size 10 wellies in order to gain admission to the exclusive BE gym. However after weeding the sweetcorn with zeal to assorted high energy dance tunes I spied a reclining R in a wheelbarrow. The body has obviously grown before the stamina.

These pics were taken on Saturday, when the sun was still shining…


Not exactly what I had in mind


Some good hoe action!

Today we’ve been propagating; rosemary, lavender, mint and potting on the Cornish Agapanthus we grew from seed. To say that there was a monsoon was somewhere near the truth. My local village had a carnival today and I nipped out at lunchtime to spectate. With a WW2 theme there were many of the original stunning military tucks and plenty of landgirls – although personally I thought they weren’t ‘authentic’ enough. By which I mean muddy, unlike, ahem. Me. The heavens literally opened and rain poured down the high street and through the roof of the village church – which I should add had £10,000 of lead stolen two weeks ago. Inside (there was an emergency bring and buy to raise money for the repairs) water was flooding over ancient pews and onto lovingly made kneelers. Such a shame. I did however manage to purchase a tin bucket, some old plant pots and some plant labels.

I took this pic to illustrate the amazing healthy root system on our Agapanthus seedlings, but then noticed that Benjy has the BE list sorted. Here he is revealing requests from a wet crew, for when he visits the village shop! Who needs paper?


While shopping for a few garden sundries I was randomly offered a job by the garden centre assistant after enquiring if they had a noticeboard where I could advertise (for staff). The rain soaked, down-and-out look must be more in evidence than I thought.

My gloves…


Ugh. Five pairs in one wet day= easy.

Still, I have to say that on days like today we keep each other laughing. Not just politely, but properly. As Benjy pointed out, there hasn’t been a day that we haven’t all laughed about something. Even if our humour is the same colour as potting compost.


At the close of day.

It’s not often I watch TV but Bob and Liam recommended a completely compelling programme, ‘Britain’s Spending Secrets’ presented by Anne Robinson. Which leads me to tonight’s question. What is it you really want?

And a thought for the day. If not now, when?

Good evening X

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