September is…SHOWTIME

King Carrot

September is…SHOWTIME

Well, I can’t believe that September is already here! Autumn is definitely in the air. We’ve all noticed the temperatures dropping and the leaves beginning to turn. Here at BE there’s definitely a lot of mellow fruitfulness. Damsons, crab apples,apples, plums, figs, elder berries – all are ripening.


Black = elder berries and sloes



Yellow = French beans

Soon it will be SHOWTIME. Or more correctly, NOVIKOV AUTUMN MARKET. On 16th September we will be in Novikov itself with some of our lovely, shiny produce. Not that any of us are exhibitionists (or mad) at all:



Benjy being ‘King’ Carrot in torrential rain on Tuesday.

What you can’t appreciate in the pic below is that Raffe had made a didgeridoo from an empty centre of an old roll of fleece and was playing it.


Guy with his jazz sowing of seeds for exhibition microherb planters.


Me with the proud look. Well, these radish are pretty perfect.


Rory, after completing a row of weeding around the cabbages and kale.

Anyway, make a date in your diary. We’re hoping to have the harvest of the year to display.


BE Box Folding Olympics. Current record holder, Benjy with 30 in 10 minutes.


Adrian perfecting the art of ‘lettuce surfing.’ Well, he is over 6ft ad these beds take some manoeuvring!



Rainbows waiting to go…

According to my thought for the day book, everyone needs an ’emotional shot in the arm’ in September. Hope tonight’s offering has added a bit to yours.

Good evening everyone. Hope it’s a good one.





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