Plant pot wars!

Plant pot wars!

Today the weather was calm but there was an avalanche in the garden, of the plant pot variety. Never have I seen so many pots of assorted shapes and sizes in so many stages of decay. Don’t worry, I saved the beautiful Victorian terracotta ones and those with life left, but as for the rest, I loaded them into my car and took them to the nearest recycling centre where the bemused staff eyed me with suspicion. I was far filthier than they, and the pots were not only filling the boot, but every passenger seat, all the available floor space and spilled across the recycling centre floor the minute I opened the door.


I swear the pots are growing…

In between pot sorting I fixed the wheelbarrow, pruned artichokes, fennel and raspberries and made contact with a lovely lady who runs the Suffolk branch of the WRAGS scheme about which I’ve heard great things. Have a look at this:


Nursing one of the barrow fleet back to health!

Even though the weather was overcast, found this little piece of sunshine to share with you. Aren’t they just amazing?


Chrysanthemums light up the space beneath the vines. You’ve got to love them, especially on a grey day.

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