End of week two and loads to do!…

End of week two and loads to do!…


Twilight settles on my second week this garden. And what a two weeks it’s been! Each day the garden has shown me something new. Working within its walls is like being inside a light box. From second to second the light changes and you feel it on your skin even if your eyes can’t perceive the subtle shifts.

Even rain doesn’t feel dull, the sound of the water rushing over ancient brickwork and beating on the glass invigorates everything. The moment when the rain stops and a flash of sun comes out are the best. Then the robin starts singing again, the woodpecker calls and the wren darts about the walls. Each wet surface an instant mirror for the sky.

IMG_0533[1]Silver light tinged with peach shows up today’s freshly uncovered brickwork. Now free of ivy we can see where ancient bricks and lime mortar need replacing. This is the site of the original cold frames, and once the glasshouse is restored we will harden plants off here before moving them into the main sloping plots. Notice the original pipework just peeping out of the soil on the left. It looks like some of this bed had the option of heat.


Love little details like this. The brick steps leading from the garden to the potting shed are so worn on the bottom that they taper to almost nothing.

I imagine that if the garden could speak, this is what it would say:

The Garden

Welcome says the garden

Finally you came.

Here is life for each other again.

I waited so long through an ache of rain.

That is why each leaf,


Knows your name.

Although I was working alone today, there were some very special arrivals to the garden brought by some very special people, BE owners Rosalind and Nick.


These Italian seeds arrived at dusk via Rosalind and Nick, a bundle of soon to be edible beauties straight from Novikov.

Thankyou Marco for sending me this incredible selection of  seed straight from Italy. I want to eat the packets off they looks so delicious!

Next week already promises to be exciting. New additions to the team, electricians, the first new panes of glass…see you there x


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