Manic Monday

Manic Monday

An invigorating day in the garden. Incredible progress went on here today. Martin our newest walled garden addition started today with a literal bang as he sledge hammered out and removed all the rotten wood and old staging. We will keep all the undamaged wood and reuse it. The glasshouse is really beginning to look like it could grow something other than weeds!


Martin hard at work removing the old benches and staging…

Martin has the smallest commute on the planet as he currently lives at BE with his partner in the hall, while he and his partner’s new home is being restored. I’m very envious!


The previous ‘rainforest’ of weeds, merrily romping away on the staging…

Adrian worked hard clearing the glasshouse of all its assorted detritus while I met with Karen from the WRAGS scheme to talk trainees. Novikov Manager, Caroline and her partner Gus came up from London to see the progress and Gus, who has a farm at Luton, took lots of soil samples for analysis.

Although the weather was overcast we managed to harvest some leeks for Marco. I’m not sure he will appreciate all the soil still clinging to them as I was really short of time to clean them, but they are as fresh and zingy as can be. The scent as we harvested them spoke volumes of their strength of flavour. Tony showed me the ‘proper’ method of dressing leeks, but had to do with a quick swish over with the secateurs and a rinse under the tap.


Leeks anyone?


Tony explaining leek harvest. He has a special leek fork whose tines are at a specific distance to reduce the risk of spiking the crop.

At the end of the day I went back to have a quick look at progress in the glasshouse. The pictures turned out too dark to show you, but I could just make out the spines of the old benches and an expanse of floor opening up. An amazing new space is forming from the bones of the old. Can’t wait to get growing.

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