How long is a country mile?!

How long is a country mile?!

The apple trees pruned

NOT how the garden looked today! A much brighter view taken up a ladder, while we pruned apples last week…

Good evening folks! Just in case you think it’s all plain sailing and peaceful here at BE, here’s a little insight into today…the glasshouse leaked, (a complete no-no for germinating microherbs) despite Martin’s hours and hours of painstaking, intricate removal of what we thought was every last bit of moss – arghhhhhhh. Charlie and I drove 60 miles to get supplies to rectify the problem, the internet went down while we were ordering/getting quotes, an urgent order we placed and were promised to arrive by 3pm failed to materialise, the skip driver initially refused to collect as a bridge was closed (he soon relented however, after I assured him it was a 6 week closure and yes I know it’s a hideous miles longer, narrow, windy detour), my phone cut out repeatedly as reception came and went like a country mile and another essential quote promised for this evening is still not here, despite chasing again.

Late in the afternoon Charlie and I realised we’d missed lunch and being on the road (or should I say winding long Suffolk lanes) thought we’d get a take away coffee from a machine at a garage. The only garage was closed for one day only, today.

When we finally got back to an industrial estate in the nearest town we thought we’d struck gold. There was a sign ‘Sunshine Nursery’ with a lovely picture of a sun. This place will be great value and local we thought, brilliant! We followed the signs hither and thither to the furthest unit at the end and an aggressively driven car swerved in front of us. Blimey he’s in a hurry to get in there I thought, must be a great place. It was only when we looked at the door that we realised what this was – a children’s daycare nursery. We laughed and laughed. Indeed, when we stopped at the final destination for radish seeds and some bags of compost the cashier commented on how lovely it was to have such happy people in the store.

Of course today’s problems are merely niggles on the scale of things. It’s just frustrating for all of us because each little problem adds up to more time which is already accounted for with myriad other things. East Anglian time, we are fast discovering, is not BE time.

On the plus side I got many of the strawberries that Pip so carefully dug up and divided yesterday planted in compost in the peach house and Adrian fed them with Charlie’s magic organic fertiliser. Adrian did a sterling job of getting rid of all the fallen leaves outside the potting shed, service area and polytunnels and Martin managed to source a massive reduction on previous quotes to re-roof the sheds. The renovated glasshouse is warming through nicely now that we have the first of many burners fired up and running. Roll on tomorrow. I think it’s pretty safe to say we will all be spending it safely within the walls!


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