Cracking on!

Cracking on!

The gardeners insulating the glasshouse

Loving the teamwork here! The boys are leak proofing and insulating the glasshouse at the same time with bubble wrap – result.

Good evening folks! Gosh, so much to tell you, we’ve really been cracking on here. It made me laugh reading my one of my garden books which advised that January is really too cold for gardening so wrap up warm and stay indoors. We’ve all been pushing on whenever the weather permits to get the outside forked over and weeded. I swear that in my sleep I’m starting to see bindweed and creeping buttercup, but we have to get out as much as we can as simply rotavating without digging is going to slice through the roots and act as an effective propagator for weeds.

Well, what can I say? Charlie and I are both totally obsessed. He was working both Saturday and Sunday to get the glasshouse ready and I came in on Saturday not to work, but just to check my transplanted strawberries and make sure they were doing well, tidy the hoses and take some pics.

Look at these cable tidies. Found them in one of the sheds and they make great hose holders. I hate having hoses lying around the place – its a trip hazard and unsightly. We will probably replace these old yellow hoses with green ones that blend in better as the plastic on these is starting to perish and go hard, but so long as they work I’ll keep them. They might make good leaky hoses to lay on the soil in the polytunnel in summer.

The hose from the glasshouse
the hose from the garden

Even in my general shopping I’m picking up all sorts of bits and bobs like screws and vine eyes so that we don’t have to leave the garden unless its really essential.

Sometimes it feels as if I will explode with all there is to do here, so I write lists, endless lists and cross each thing off one by one. But this picture I sneaked today is gold-dust. Charlie was casually referring to this in our brainstorming session… a plank of beech with his notes on it – totally awesome. If this doesn’t epitomise the eccentricity and sheer character of gardening, I don’t know what does…

The gardener list

Whenever it all gets too much for me regarding to-do lists, accounts, sorting invoices, ordering, chasing lost deliveries and planning I’m lucky enough to be able to dive back into the garden and do some physical work. It’s a combination I would highly recommend.

The first daffodils

The first dwarf iris is out in full flower. What a hardy little chap. Unlike the Westcountry or coastal gardens we regularly have freezing conditions here…

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the weekend I began the first of many trips to visit other walled gardens in the immediate area. My aim is to get tips, hints and advice about everything and anything regarding growing only the best in this particular soil in this particular microclimate and forge useful links for the future. Anyway, the trip wasn’t quite the visit I had anticipated. Rather than offer their advice and guidance, this particular property which is well known and open to the public year round, asked if I could advise them. Perhaps it was thanks to my criticism at their lack of planning or sheer enthusiasm about restoration and heritage, but I know whatever it was, that the place didn’t have anything like the atmosphere and intimacy of Brent Eleigh. This place amazes me every day.

the best soil

Oh my goodness. look at the size of our worms! Not that I’m competitive in any way…but our soil will be the BEST…




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