First seed!


Brent Eleigh Garden

Oh my goodness people…very exciting day! I sowed the FIRST SEED. Yes I know it’s the 13th and unlucky for some and technically the middle of winter, but this is a special site. It’s the old cold frames and before they’re restored (it has to be dry to repoint the brickwork you can see at the back) with lovely glass and wooden lights that open and close for all my in between plants, thought I would just get a quick little something going…

Digging over the soil here was a joy. The site is sheltered and being the cold frames the soil was still surprisingly light and fluffy. I dug out some potatoes which had worked well to condition and break up the soil.

the soil ready for seeds

The bed begins to emerge..

The soil ready for the seeds

Now we’re getting somewhere. Love these rakes. They help to create a great smooth surface with handy grooves to sow you seedlings into…

The weather was really changeable. One minute I was down to my jumper and the next the gloves, scarf and two coats were back on. We had a magical half an hour where it rained but the sun continued to shine through. Quite breath taking and quite possibly my favourite sort of weather; moody and atmospheric. I tried to catch it for you, but the best I could do was this rainbow…


The rainbow at Brent Eleigh Walled Garden

Look at this rainbow shining right over the area where our new poly tunnel will be. It seems a good omen as it came out just as I was about to sow the first seeds…

And here they are…nothing exotic I’m afraid as these little soldiers are being planted outside in the coldest month of the year. But they’re in our soil and I will personally guard them with my life. They’re called ‘Bright Lights’ and a multi-coloured variety of radish. Aptly named for a garden whose light is absolutely magical and also where they are headed…to our wonderful city of bright lights!

Naming the plants

Ohhh, look at the tilth I’ve got here!

Radishes Seeds

Found this nifty little seed sower in one of the glasshouses when we cleared them out. It has different seed size holes around the circumference, so you can adjust to size and reduce the need to thin out – hopefully.

Ben from the locally based ‘Field Compost’ (check out www.fieldcompost) came to visit and advise on all things soil and left us with some samples to trial in different areas of the garden. He’s definitely ‘the compost man’ and I’m sure what he doesn’t know about soil isn’t worth knowing. I’ve  certainly learned a lot from our conversations and am really thrilled that he’s so keen to follow our progress whether he and Chris Field (yes, another aptly named horticulturalist!!) supply us or not.

Charlie was making great progress in the glasshouse, lining his seed trays ready for microherbs among other things. He doesn’t want me to give away too many trade secrets as this is still a brand new art, but watch this space. Perhaps we will write a Novikov@BrentEleigh guide if you’re interested. We have all sorts of ideas every day. Working in a place like this is inspirational.


A beautiful sunset over Brent Eleigh Garden

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