Gearing up for Valentines!

Gearing up for Valentines!


Morning at Brent Eleigh Garden

Two things that make me think that perhaps all this digging is affecting my brain. Me to Pip yesterday (while crouching down on the ground after digging for hours ‘You have to imagine your a sweetcorn. How do you feel germinating in this soil?’ (silence). Then, today, I was digging alone with the robin (and occasionally offering a sacrificial worm to it on my upturned radio) when the delivery company for the now notorious fumigation material called. After several heated words, ‘I’m in the middle of a field’ (walled garden seemed too complicated a concept for them) I heard myself saying. ‘Tell, the driver I’m busy digging.’  (again, silence)

The soil ready to be planted

Look, no weeds! Now all you have to do is think like a sweetcorn…

Digging aside there have been seismic shifts in the glasshouse department. I’m not going to show you all of it yet, as I don’t want to spoil Charlie’s big unveil, but look at this repainted back wall…

The glasshouse wall repainted

This is no ordinary wall. Now that the brickwork is repainted loads more light is reflecting from it and jazzing up the glasshouse. These seedlings are certainly going to germinate into heaven…

There is much hustle and bustle in preparing for the new babies. Charlie tells me that they grow best with music. Birdsong, followed by electronica. Hmmmm, what a coincidence. Sounds like the sound wave choice of someone not a million miles away.

I must mention my new dress code. Its amazing. I’m rocking old clothes like they’re actually the BE fashion, which they are. Since working here I vowed to take this advice: ‘The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy’ Yves St Lauren.

Charlie cutting felt for the trays

Yes, Charlie, even with the hoodie up, we know it’s still you! Here he is cutting up grow felt ready for trays

Today I’ve been wearing (all at once): ancient leggings beneath skinny jeans – as if they’re thermals – turquoise vest, bird pattern t-shirt, frilled dressage horse riding shirt, patterned golfing jumper, padded waistcoat, scarf, gloves, hat and birdwatchers hail proof mac. Oh and three pairs of socks beneath hiking boots. In this get up, I’m ready for ANYTHING, but I’m pretty sure that the public at large are not. I won’t go into details about my visit to the local surgery, suffice to say there was a rather a heap of clothes on the floor like a melted snowman, crowned by secateurs in a rather embarrassed shade of red.

Which reminds me, must share something else with you. I was clearing a new area in my favourite part of the garden, beneath this stunning arch…

The arch from Brent Eleigh Garden


when my usual robin started to behave differently. He was really restless and then returned with another and they flew together around my head like one of those Disney films, then darted in and out of the box hedge feeding each other. Reading about robins tonight, what I’ve witnessed is the beginning of the courtship ritual. Apt, given that we’re aiming for Valentine’s day for our first harvest! (Not so apt the latest crazy spelling of my name on a delivery note, ‘Marrier.’ We all laughed at that one)

The last two nights we’ve really noticed the longer daylength. We can be out in the garden until nearly 5pm before its too dark to see. Hooray, forget sweetcorn, we are human sundials…

‘Keep your face always turned towards the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.’ Walt Whitman.

Good evening X


The glasshouses from Brent Eleigh garden

The glasshouse twinkles in the gold of the setting sun and behind the branches have turned orange…






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