Ding, ding. Almost take off…

Ding, ding. Almost take off…

The old bell

Welcome! do you like our cow bell and ivy wreath made by Pip? The bell has a lovely tone to it and hangs on the potting shed door…

Really positive day. Carried on transforming what I call the ‘boggy’ border by the chapel and gave the roses a lovely mulch with Ben’s secret recipe soil improver first thing this morning. It was a dull, cool day, but the digging soon got me woken up and with it.

Charlie, Martin and I teamed up to join forces and zap the glasshouse preparation as a unit. Martin, bless him, was pot washing in the cold while I learned how to cut the wool matting for the base of the microherb trays. It felt rather like student days and I had to concentrate hard as this is one of those jobs which is precise, but once learned, second nature. We are all feeling a big push now and supporting each other. We’ve made our own deadline for the 14th of Feb and really want to achieve it. This means working all the hours we can manage to pull it together.

When I went to the bank today to set up a new account the advisor  – who was late for my appointment (and I told him so) smiled and said ‘ah, this must be a lovely quiet time of year for a gardener like you.’ I was tempted to kick him there and then.

It was lovely to see the owner Ros and Caroline up from Novikov today. We always love seeing them together; their friendship which started this project is so evident and they are always so thrilled to see what we have achieved, which gives us a huge boost. Discussed our budgets, plans and harvest dates and suddenly its all feeling incredibly real. A bit like a performance, we’ve been so busy introducing the sound, lighting, costume so to speak. Now we’re almost ready for the star performers and boy, will we make sure they perform.

Ah well, I’m off to see a film this evening with members of my family who appear a distant memory. I’m definitely watching ‘Wild’ a true story about a woman who walks 1,000 miles. Sounds right up my street. Don’t know what the other’s plan on watching (but I’m not one to follow in case you didn’t already guess) On a review they said that the leading lady wears no make up, just mud…now that sounds familiar…

The robin

What are you looking at?!

Have a great weekend. Lots of things are happening in the garden over the weekend. I’m not telling you yet…only saying that we will be there working our BE magic.





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