My view at 8am this morning. Below zero and sooooo chilly I couldn’t feel my toes…

Morning at Brent Eleigh Garden

Actually we all rather like it when it’s like this, usually a peace that descends on the garden, but not today!

Look what we were up to. Charlie and I are really pushing for the Valentines deadline, which means planting everything with military precision. Heating – check, lighting – check,  compost (in many varieties) – check, glass cleaned, floor lined, scrubbed and gravel down – check, fumigation and sterilisation of all equipment – check…GO.

Charlie planting the first micro herbs

The moment the microherbs began. Charlie weighs out the very first seed, Red Amaranth. A nervous moment for us both. From here on in, it’s round the clock care in the glasshouse. A huge responsibility for all of us.

We are trialling three different types of compost to begin with as well as two other types of growing medium. I felt very proud carrying all the trays into the glasshouse. We’ve all really poured our hearts into restoring it and have visualised this moment since the day we began…

Merriel, happy to start the micro herbs
Charlie, planting the micro herbs

If I’m honest, I think Charlie is looking just as proud as me!…

I’ve had to concentrate hard today. Lot’s of listening and learning about growing micro herbs. Not always easy for such an excitable character as me! Charlie will be going back to Devon, possibly tomorrow, and everything will be in my tender care (no pressure then) Anyway after much labelling, weighing, laying out and monitoring of temperatures it made me feel quite tired. It’s was an incredible, balmy 20 degrees c in the glasshouse, so we were really getting in the summertime mood and imagining what it will be like here in the heat.

So good to finally see, neat rows of trays all ready for planting:

the trays with micro herb seeds

Well, I must go as I’ve got a girlfriend over for a celebratory sleepover and night of girlie chat before I’m back in the garden 8am sharp to finish the mammoth first sowing session with Charlie. He has been amazing. We’re on day 10 now which he’s worked with no day off and even though I know he’s tired, he’s still smiling and we haven’t killed each other.

Two more firsts today; the first daffodil broke into bloom and a scattering of snow. Surely great omens…

The daffodils blooming

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