Coming to you from the new office!

Brent Eleigh Walled Garden

Coming to you from the new office!

AAAAAAAAaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!! As predicted the slugs struck in the night. A combo of humidity and the first night without frost brought them out.


My broad beans have been nibbled. But NOT any more.

With the help of fleece and the cloche hoops that Martin has been making me, mission anti¬†mollusc has been launched. We only have enough hoops to cover one row overnight, but I’ve taken precautions and literally left no stone unturned as they say. It now looks like we have a couple of giant caterpillars in the vicinity:


Beautiful day in the garden, warm and alive with new growth, butterflies (saw the first Red Admiral today) and bees. Talking of which, I have been truly initiated into the BE garden today, having been stung. I approached the bee bed in a rather cavalier fashion carrying some possible plants for the bed when – as if from no where – I was literally dive bombed, or should I say nose bombed. The bee flew up my nose and as I struggled to breathe, stung. After the initial shock…I had to run as the swarm were in hot pursuit…I soon recovered.

This evening I am coming to you LIVE from the garden!! We now have a dongle and internet reception in my garden office (aka the portakabin). Very exciting stuff. As I type the first stars are out and silence on this clear night. Behind me the polytunnels are in darkness and I can just see the faint glow of lights in the main glasshouse. Bliss.

Good evening x



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