The team blossoms…

The team blossoms…


Wild cherry blossom harvested bright and early in the rain…yum

 I’m back! Refreshed and recharged and raring to go! Exciting news – Guy started today. He has a background in horticulture and catering, so a brilliant combo for this project and just what the person we were looking for. Having just checked in with him – he’s been delivering to Novikov with Charlie – it sounds like he had an incredible first day of contrasts. From harvesting nettles at dawn in the gentle Suffolk rain (perfect weather for harvesting) to experiencing the hustle and bustle of our restaurant and meeting our Novikov friends. I haven’t got any pics of him at work yet, as Benjy and I were busy cutting cherry blossom while Charlie and Guy loaded the van. You’ll have to watch this space.

Another new recruit, Polly is coming in next week. Her background is in smallholding in Scotland. How incredible. I can’t wait to hear all about it. If she can stand being outdoors year round in the Scottish climate, she should find BE a walk in the park. When she said she’d just injured her hand making a willow bow and arrow for fun, I knew she would fit right in.

Here at BE we were busy potting on. Today it was nasturtiums and calendula (pot marigold) both of these flowers are edible and are ideal for inter-planting with other crops as they act as a pest deterrent. I love the prospect of multifunctional, versatile plants. Having said that, most plants have myriad uses, with the advent of synthetic medicine we’ve just forgotten what they are.


Action in the potting shed.

Adrian and Martin have been busy with the mini digger creating the new central pathway, which should look great when its finished. Whoever thought that paving materials and edging could be so compelling, but they are. Whatever we chose has to balance practicality with tone while being able to carry us into the future.

While I was away I visited some of my favourite Cornish gardens. To name them would be to disappoint the others and like siblings, you can’t have favourites, but I can’t help but show you this…I was so excited at the sheer size and scale of the blooms. We have magnolias here, but being Suffolk we have to be a bit more patient with the climate – the pleasure is yet to come!


Can you eat magnolia petals? I’m not sure, but with the size of these blooms I think the magnolia might have me on it’s dinner menu!



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