When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. This morning life outside BE dealt lemons. This afternoon there was only one thing for it. Get that squash planted now.

Here’s a little equation of the process:



1. Full of thistle


2. Caffeine, essential.


3. Pit one underway. 29 more to go.

+ obtain a 90cm length of wood

+ measure spaces between potential centre points of each plant and mark with bamboo

+ dig 30 pits

-remove every scrap of weed

+ backfill pits with well rotted manure

+ water pits

+ cut weed suppressant, lie in place and secure with clips

+ water squash while still in pots


+water again and firm in


= collapse (only one more row to go…)



Despite it being a bank holiday weekend there were still five other troopers here apart from myself. Looks like we’re going to have some fantastic sweetcorn shoots for the Asian Novikov from the microherb guys. Polly was busy ministering to the newly germinated baby leaf beetroot. A fantastic sea of red, which she fleeced with all the care of a mother putting her babies to bed. Martin was bracing the packing shed and singing. A grass snake unexpectedly joined us and the tawny owl called all afternoon.


Benjy holds the grass snake.

I found this on the floor of the potting shed. It has all the hallmarks of Polly. I think it must be an offcut from one of her silk bird scarers, made for the peas. I recall her mentioning something about scaring them with love. Bless. Not sure how that works.


Tomorrow (Sunday  24th May) there’s the Spring Plant Fair at Helmingham Hall if anyone happens to be in Suffolk and looking for a beautiful walled garden to explore.  Check out helmingham.com for details.


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