BE is glowing

BE is glowing

Look at all this freshly hatched hot colour. It’s an edible flower explosion! Calendula (not to be confused with marigold – which we also grow for its edible petals) is an amazing plant. It has LOADS of uses. In a nutshell, calendula heals wounds.



More calendula, a different variety.

 These were waiting for me this morning, the very first bloom of each species and all edible. Eating this sort of vivid colour must fire us up inside surely? I know that yellow’s not for everyone, but to me it’s the fire of a sunrise saying it’s a brand new day. While brushing my teeth this morning at 6am and thinking, what time? and, another bank holiday, these words caught my eye. ‘Passion is what you need to be good. Unforgiving passion’ – David Easton.

My Grandfather was a Master Carpenter. He refused a university scholarship in favour of a seven year apprenticeship because he felt passionately about his trade. It was more than a job, it was an extension of himself. He explained his refusal of a paid university place (incredibly rare in the early 1920’s) as a spiritual one. The carving of each new piece offered new possibility and a deeper connection.

Like carpentry or any skill, the gardener, like the garden must take time to grow, adapt and evolve.

This morning the list contained 33 high priority items. As so often happens, something entirely unexpected cropped up and that became priority. I probably got 10 of the most urgent things done.


Nasturtium ‘gypsy festival.’ Flower and leaf are edible…


Dianthus ‘Doris’ from Devon was the first of the pinks to show her face. The petals remind me of coloured silks rippling in the breeze.

Evolution always means change. At the bottom of the garden with the cane fruit, I planted strawberries. While the ones I put in the peach house have thrived – they were all from the same batch – these poor things struggled from the off. I don’t think they liked the soil conditioner and the thistle in that area grows like carpet.  Also being far away from the glasshouses they’re not in permanent line of sight. Thus the strawberries are going into strawberry rehab, and in their place? Marrows that I hope will grow fat and sprawling; hefty enough to fool the weeds into thinking that its permanently night. Lets face it, who wants to spend their life in the dark?


Marrow ‘custard white’ goes in where the strawberries were. On the left you can see the mass of thistle strangling the remaining strawberries. but not for much longer.

In the potting shed an entire forest of tomatoes, a bit tired of life, were being potted on, fed, watered and generally pampered. Lucky them.


I’m sure Benjy was in here somewhere…

A  mammoth microherb planting session was in progress. I heard Guy call, ‘Prepare 70 trays’  This was followed by an emergency call to Alan for 25 bags of potting compost. Hold on to your horses. We just might be getting productive around here.



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