Hell, yes. The edible colour bath is born! The first BE edible flower mix is on its way to Novikov as I write this.  All of these flowers have been chosen for their intense colour and flavour.


It’s been a challenging day, but actually enjoyable too. After planting more pumpkins and spreading more manure, I found myself driving to a hitherto unseen town to collect a hire van for tonight’s delivery with Liam, which ate into our precious harvesting time. While the other Liam and Polly prepared beds for cauliflower and cabbage I trailed mud into a pristine hire office. Liam placed what I thought was his wallet on the surface. It was in fact the remains of a congealed chocolate ice lolly that Polly had brought to boost moral in the troops, but there hadn’t been time to eat. Job title? the man enquired of Liam…’It’s full time’ Liam replied. That’s good enough for me.

The whole team pulled together to make up for lost time at the end of the day and I love this shot of the BE special mix being prepared by us…



Weighing the microherbs put me in the mind of playing games at Christmas. The plastic trays consist of 100g mixes and the bags of 200g and each of us had to see who could get the closest to the target weight. Polly was spot on with her 100g punnet. I screamed a bit too loudly. It’s been a long day.


Well done to Charlie for getting these stunning courgette flowers blooming so early.


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