Piece by piece…

Piece by piece…

One of my blog followers asked where yesterday’s post was. Actually it was a member of staff checking if I’d mentioned him – his mum is getting worried. You want to know? I lay down on the bed at 6pm aching from head to toe and woke up when my alarm went off this morning, feeling amazing! I must have needed that sleep. It’s always busy, but I think the word ‘zenith’ describes the type of busyness this week. I commented to Polly today that we are actually planting the equivalent of a suburban back garden almost every single day this month, to get BE fully planted.


This morning…


This afternoon…

The same plot. This morning covered in thistle. This afternoon planted with butternut squash, pumpkin and gourds with space for loads of courgettes and more sweetcorn at the top. A team effort of Polly’s Liam, Polly and I.

In order to aid our efforts we used a bamboo cane on its side for weeding. Every so often we moved it a couple more metres, so it felt like we only had a small space to go. Worked fantastically!

Towards the end of the morning when our initial zeal was fading I spotted something glinting in the soil. We’ve dug up many things over the last six months. Usually it’s old clay pipes, bits of crockery, children’s toys, cutlery, glass bottles, you get the idea. This however – once in my (thankfully)gloved hand – had me temporarily transfixed to the spot. A set of dentures. Oh my.

In other matters, it appears that we have a superstar in our midst. Peter the roofer (also an organic farmer) has revealed that he is a WORLD record holder. The fastest time for making a loaf from harvesting with the combine to baking. 16 minutes and 40 seconds if I recall. He told me to look it up online, so I did and it appears that in 2013 he was upstaged by an American team in 16 minutes 30 seconds. I don’t have the heart to tell him.


Here’s Peter, repairing the chapel roof -once the bothy – which is part of the structure of our walled garden. The magnolia in the private chapel garden beyond is so prolific that both Peter and the chapel are dwarfed by it.


The chapel as it looked this evening with it’s smart new roof. Peter has used reclaimed roof tiles and lime mortar in the repair. Years of patching with concrete had seen many of the original tiles crack or crumble.

A big harvest day for us. With Charlie away on a well deserved break we are all pulling together as never before to make sure that everything is picked, packed, weighed and labelled. Today’s special was lime leaves. While running around harvesting Polly came up with the concept of the ‘No Choice Café. A venue in which there is only one item on the menu. This intense minimalism means no worry about choosing the right thing and eliminates fussy eaters. Brilliant!

I don’t think Novikov will share our enthusiasm.


Edible flower mixes. White – wild rose, Blue – borage and for-get-me=nots, pink- dianthus and rose and lemon scented pelargoniums.


Is this Benjy’s harvest list I spy abandoned on the steps of the Victorian glasshouse? Yep. I would recognise that handwriting anywhere.

And breathe…


Ready to roll.

This pic is especially for Mrs Atkinson. Yes, your son is doing an amazing job. Yes, he did go to the optician at the weekend. Yes, he will register at the dentist real soon, but in his words:

‘I needed to start with the eyes so I could focus on my to-do list.’


Guy with his new glasses which emerged at the weekend. We all agree his look is NYC creative intellectual. He is still working on the accent.

Have a relaxing evening X





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