Birthday cake and courgettes

Birthday cake and courgettes

When the sky launches cloud rockets at 8am you know its going be a scorcher!


With the temperature within the walls rising by the second, we were eager to get our planting done early. We had a batch of courgettes to go in and they like it warm. But this hot? By 9am we needed watering as much as the plants.


The track of a lesser spotted gardener.


It didn’t take long to trace the track maker. A female of the species, if I’m not mistaken.

A planters eye view of the courgettes. The flowers are edible, but these outdoor ones -unlike their glasshouse protected cousins – will be harvested for their traditional courgettes.


Polly, under the close supervision of Charlie has done a great job in creating our first outdoor baby leaf salad beds. This has involved really intricate planning, measuring and specified watering and protection, seven days a week. Well done. Look what was revealed today. A near perfect forest of mizuna, ready for this afternoon’s harvest.


Polly and Charlie inspect the mizuna before it’s first cut.

The edible flowers being harvested this afternoon reflected the intensity of today’s heat and the colour of BE’s walls.


A delicate operation to harvest only the best.

In other news, there has been another BE birthday. Benjy was 19 yesterday. He did tentatively request the day off, but unfortunately when your mum’s the boss, there’s little choice. If Polly can do it…so can you.

Here is the man himself. What more could you want on your special day than to plant summer savoury in the herb bed?!


At break time Polly appeared with the sweetest handmade cake. She had risen at 6am to bake this birthday banana cake in the Rayburn. No the flowers are not edible, but these BE buttercups are definitely better than candles – they glow sunshine…


Power weeding is now a regular addition to the BE bootcamp. Undertaken during the intensity of the mid day sun (when the weeds keel over quick-time) this is all about stamina and agility – hopefully not heatstroke.











When the sky looks like this at 8am, you know you are in for a scorcher!


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