More firsts…

More firsts…

Quite unexpectedly a women’s day in the garden. I suspect that BE has never seen so many working horticultural women within its walls. Charlie’s partner Rhiannon (who works as a chef on a cruise ship) and Polly friend Naomi (who lives on a boat in Woodbridge) were both aboard the good ship BE. 

With the extra pairs of hands we got loads done. The next eight baby leaf beds prepared. A whole stretch of weed infested hinterland dug and the planting begun.


Yesterday. A sea of creeping buttercup and thistle.








Same spot today. Benjy waters in newly planted sweetcorn.


Naomi and Polly fine raking the beds we have so painstakingly graded ready for the next baby leaf sowings. Our friend, Kes, aka the terror hawk is presiding over the situation. Pigeons not welcome.

The outdoor baby leaf beds are so impressive. Being harvest day, it was time to pull back the fleece and see if they made the grade. Growing outdoors like this is quite a risk. The leaves are so much more vulnerable and being salad leaves they have to be as near to perfect as possible, No wind bruising, holes from hungry slugs etc.

They definitely made the grade. Tatsoi and mizuna ahoy!


It took two of us five hours to cut todays offering by hand. Good job I bought in an assortment of kitchen scissors and (hopefully!) good conversation.

Guess what? The first of the sunflower has shown its face. I think it’s brave. Boldly flowering way before all the others. Who cares about pollination anyway?!


The very first! Behind are the leaves of the peach. There are actually tiny peaches hanging from these outdoor walls already. Each day I see that they have blushed a bit more.

Here is how the courgette flowers looked first thing…



The calendula and nasturtiums this evening…


Every time we harvest I am always shocked anew by these brighter than sunset colours.

If you read nothing else this month get hold of a copy of ‘Landmarks’ by Robert Macfarlane. A book about the power of language to shape our sense of place. What an inspiration.

Have a great evening X



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