HOT. We are.

HOT. We are.

The day promised to be blistering. We had loads of salad leaves to harvest from worringly hot beds. I was on edge from the second my eyes opened.


The very first lavender was ready today! It looks great with the lilac flowers of the lemon thyme…

Charlie set up the chill out room, with an air conditioning unit. We put all the sprinklers on and rotated them all day. The walk-though (where we hang tools) stays mercifully cool, so we brought water there and dived in every couple of hours for a drink.


An incredible density of mizuna. Harvesting this is like being a bird flying over a forest.


Baby leaf revealed. In such hot weather we have to keep the fleece damp and only uncover the amount to be cut.

What a contrast to cracking the ice to wash our pots! I remember pruning apple trees in the snow and waiting for frost to melt to dig. All those coats, the two glove system, the colossal bonfires and complete darkness at 4pm.

How the project has grown since those early days. Charlie has achieved the microherb production target which he set himself. For the first time last week, we provided ALL of the microherbs for Novikov. They didn’t have to order any. That’s a hell of a lot of microherbs, produced through blood, sweat and tears. I’m not joking about the latter – the first aid kit, strong coffee and the emergency hug have been life savers.


I caught one on camera for you! A rainbow while watering the lettuce. That’s why I love watering.

I wanted celery planting today and it was Benjy’s mission. By 11am when the temperatures were soaring I went to find him and tell him it was too hot for planting. He was however happily digging his own grave – otherwise known as a celery trench to backfill with compost.


Cool down there is it?

I keep meaning to a ‘headwear special’ blog, but am still collating the images. There’s the three pairs of sunglasses Charlie, the Benjy and Guy matching sunhats, the Polly Dutch shirt special, the laundry basket lid to mention but a few. Here’s a treat from today. Polly’s attempt to keep both herself and the beetroot leaves cool while harvesting. I believe that’s a Novikov display bowl.


A novel approach to harvesting the baby leaf beetroot. Not sure it will catch on.

 My own headwear has progressed from the meagre sunhat to something else entirely. Last week while in the chemist, I realised that I had become the object of many a sideways glance. The blue scarf worn in a nun’s habit style and regularly misted with the hose was I think, the offending object. Within the walls of BE, we gardeners like the plants, make perfect sense. I’m not sure that the wider community/world is ready.

In other news there have been murmurings about the three Peaks challenge.

‘Which do you think is harder?’ Peter asked this evening as we looked across the garden.

This’ I replied.

We’ll see.


Liam stacks them high.

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