Good evening folks. A lovely day in the garden. It began with gentle rain so we began with the sweetcorn. The soil is now warm to the touch, so we can sow such things directly and they love it.


Raffe measures out ready for sweetcorn drills. He used the hoe to follow the plumb lines, then backfilled with compost.

Polly and Adrian were attending to the baby leaf. We have had three re-growths from the same seed, so it’s time to take this remaining leaf out and re-sow. It was a much bigger job than it looks and by the end of the day all of us worked to get the remaining leaf from the beds. We’ve still got a couple to go. It’s a question of being thorough and leaving the soil pristine, ready for the next seed to germinate into.


We had a visitor today, the fab Steve Ott from Kitchen Garden Magazine. We were really impressed that not only is he Editor, but that he takes his own picture and managed to blend into the garden while we worked.


Steve at work…

I enjoyed helping Steve to get the shots he needed for the feature. It’s exciting to think that his readers will get a taste of our project and perhaps be inspired to take certain elements of BE and use them at home in their own gardens. I suggested that Steve come and work with us a day a month. Stress relief for busy journalists and all that. I’m sure he’d fit right in – particularly as he commented about what a lovely team we are…always great to hear!

Here is a film of us that Adrian took of Steve and I. We thought we were having a pic taken, but the film was on and I like the surreal effect…


Here’s the still shot which will be on Steve’s Kitchen Garden’s blog and Facebook…Check out


In the evening I was finishing off with a few emails and paperwork when I heard a roaring noise. Martin with his bike. Benjy was already on the back. Being the serious professional that I am it didn’t take me long to…

join the fun…


Smiles all round.

If today was a colour it would be yellow.

Have a great evening.


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