The view is growing…

The view is growing…

The great growing weather continues. Today we had two guest helpers. The summer holidays seem to get longer and longer these days. Honor and her friend Beanie certainly brought laughter in the garden which is always welcome (and I think a bit of weeding got done) One day, Honor will live here, as her parents own BE Hall. Lucky girl. She gets to have us lot hanging out in her back garden. Perhaps not so lucky!


Beautiful garden girls.

The girls thought it might be fun to photograph me demonstrating the correct use of the hoe. Beanie had a very ‘interesting’ sitting down style. In retrospect I think it was a cunning ploy to get me to do the weeding while they watched. Girls!!


In the afternoon Raffe and I visited ‘Growing Places’ an incredible project growing fruit and vegetables for a local box scheme. The site offers employment for over 50 adults with learning disabilities and other disadvantages. We were awed by the general enthusiasm of Andy Smuk, the Head Gardener. He spoke with such passion and enthusiasm and clearly had a great rapport with his large team. Andy was more than happy to show us his composting system and share valuable knowledge gained over years of working a 1.5 acre site like ours – such as, ‘don’t even bother with brassicas, pigeons always eat all of ours.’ We laughed because the pigeons had even ‘broken in’ to the polytunnel grown peas slashing the ventilation netting and eating the plants to the ground. I’m looking forward to autumnal seed swaps and mutual support through such disasters!


Raffe plants more celery…

Polly was busy in the peach house, clearing, weeding and feeding while the microherb team were busily sowing loads. All the polytunnels are zingy with greenness and around the walls, the figs are ripening…


Yesterday we sent these alien spaceships down to Novikov. They are kohlrabi. A member of the cabbage family with a water chestnut flavour. They look great, don’t they?


My favourites at the moment are these… not only do they taste amazing, but rest assured Novikov diners, they were picked with love. Harvesting these is right up there with seed sowing and planting. They make me happy AND (briefly) my skin smells of raspberries rather than earth.


Have an amazing weekend. My advice? Find your nearest ‘Pick your own’ place and give the fruit picking a go. Honestly, it’s hard to beat eating the view – even better if you’ve grown the view.




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