Beetroot and onions = done

Beetroot and onions = done

I have to rush out tonight…I’m covered in mud and already late, but wanted to quickly show you what we’ve been up to today… the weather, by the way, has been excellent for planting with rain first thing….


Benjy begins preparing and furrowing the onion bed.


Raffe is meticulous with his planting. Brilliant focus and concentration. In the yellow bucket is soaked beetroot seed. No domestic sized seed packets here!


These beetroot seed have certainly had the BE love.


Sieved beetroot seed, ready for sowing…

By the end of the day we had a huge onion bed sown and two of these 1m x 8m salad beds sown with three different varieties of beetroot. There is a sense of urgency to the planting at the moment as we are heading towards Autumn and wanting to get what we can in the ground, in order that it germinates in this warm weather before the daylight and temperatures start to reduce dramatically.


Another bed prepared and sown…

We think we’ve sourced rosemary to plant in enough quantity to satisfy the chefs. I’ve ordered two more pairs of weighing scales. We’ve logged all sowing and estimated harvest dates of the baby beds in new planning sheets. All seed for the new beds has been weighed and recorded so that we can get a clearer vision of yields. The packing shed, electric and heating systems are being priced up ready for winter. The microherbs have been re-sown in vast quantities. More seed has been ordered. Accounts have been paid. Do we feel organised? Ummm. Get back to me on that.


Some of yesterday’s delivery…

In other, non-edible news…


The white agapanthus are in flower. They remind me of Cornwall. Beautiful.

Have a great evening.



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