New outfits!

New outfits!

Some of the BE brothers in the newly equipped packing room, hard at work on harvest day amongst a melange of microherbs, courgette flowers and baby leaves…


No stray hairs here!

Outside we were picking some of the earliest plums…


And great news for all our yellow edible flowers – the flea beetle has reduced massively. The beetles just LOVE yellow and so it’s been hard to harvest the flowers. Today, though, conditions were great for harvest, overcast. We managed to get everything picked and packed by the time that the thunder and heavier rain came in lateĀ this afternoon.


Waaaaaaahay! Yellow is back IN.


Freshly picked calendula in the potting shed waiting to be labelled and processed in the packing shed…

We’ve got some more bedsĀ prepped and have opened them up to the elements overnight to let the rain soak in. Should be perfect seed sowing conditions in the morning, provided it’s not raining torrentially, but rain at BE seldom lasts long.

By the way, the rabbit has gone. And the mouse from the peach house.

Have a great evening.


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