No watering today.

No watering today.

Greetings from a wet and wild BE!


This evening Benjy trudged through the streets of our village barefoot. His rain soaked trousers were hanging down far below his waist. As Guy pointed out, for someone who hates getting wet, he seems to always do an utterly thorough job of getting soaked to the skin. Our local village would surely have ground to a halt, had there been anyone to witness the bedraggled scene. Puddles were collecting silently and the roads were empty. Personally, I like a day of rain. I know excess of anything is awful, but it feels as though autumn is well and truly on its way and I enjoy the months shouldering up to summer – they are so much easier to work in than extreme heat and drought or conversely extreme cold and snow.


Raffe and Benjy carefully select the best baby beetroot in heavy rain. The harvest must go on whatever the weather!

Despite the continuous rain, a highly productive day. The purchase of two new pairs of scales last week has speeded up our efficiency hugely. Guy and Liam were able to depart BE for Novikov at 2pm, even with additional produce ready for the first time – Rocket ‘King’ Beetroot ‘Albina ice’ and Radish ‘French breakfast.’


Beetroot ‘Albina ice’


And heritage variety ‘crapaudine.’

Particularly good today were the runner beans, courgette flowers and lettuce…


Plenty of runners…





One minute growing…


…the next, about to be going…

Caught Guy and Liam looking VERY snug, cutting microherbs in the largest polytunnel…


 I harvested plums from the garden and took this pic while up the ladder. Not sure health and safety would approve, but the garden looked so beautiful. I couldn’t resist.



Back to the wellies, wool hat and fur lined winter coat today. I had two further coats should this one get soaked through. Well, I was born in the Westcountry!


Waterproof smiles!

Good evening X

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