More seed for the future…

More seed for the future…



The door through which I first laid eyes on the garden. The view this morning with the emerging new beds in the foreground, sweetcorn in the middle distance and working glasshouses in the distance.

We had a good downpour in the night and this morning the weather was drizzly – unusual for here. Good weather for harvesting in the garden as the produce doesn’t wilt. Our produce must be increasing as we are not out-spilling the packing shed and filling every surface in the potting shed too!

Raffe with the marigolds…


In a brief moment of sunny spells yesterday I began collecting seed. These may not look very inspirational right now, but there are hundreds of zingy yellow and orange calendula seeds in these containers. I will store them in air tight jars, ready to sow in spring. I think that’s called storing future happiness.


The beds as they looked this evening. All manner of seeds arrived this afternoon including pak choi, spinach and rocket so we are looking forward to sowing the remaining beds tomorrow, ready for Autumn/Winter harvest…


Patiently waiting…

Have a great evening X


Ah, sweet. The borage and marigold are pleased to meet!


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