We did it!

We did it!

Couldn’t leave for the weekend without showing you these. At 5pm yesterday evening we finally finished sowing the 24th of the 10.5 x 1 m baby salad beds. Considering that none of these beds existed and we had to make each by hand – sieving the soil raking, tilling, re-raking…you get the idea – it is a massive achievement.


Nearly there! With the final toplayer of compost sprinkled over the pak choi seeds, Raffe waters in while Benjy adds our custom made hoops.

  Earlier in the day:


Weighing and labelling seed. We are trialling not just different varieties, but different densities to se which gives the optimum performance.


The secrets and mysteries of seed sowing HQ aka the potting shed.

Raffe working out the optimum path width, allowing two people to pass,  and for kneeling and reaching to harvest these tender crops:




Using the potting machine to mix industrial scale seed topping…

At the end of the day we sat in the portakabin and no one moved. We just sat in silence.

And this morning I woke at 6am trying not to think of the mower which was making a clanking noise, the weeds among the edible flowers, the onion, shallot and garlic setts I need to order, the potatoes and spring bulbs which desperately need selecting, the native hedge that has to be planted by next month, the pending order of rosemary, how many staff we specifically for what, winter jobs lists, what to talk about when being filmed, the weekend jobs lists, watering and cover…etc etc…

All this amounts to a perpetual feeling of being late.

But it’s only half past eight on a Saturday morning and I’ve just thrown my nightie and toothbrush into a bag. I believe I have a hot date with the cold North sea…

Have a great weekend! X








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