What do gardener’s do when it rains?…

What do gardener’s do when it rains?…


BE as the rain sweeps in. If you look closely enough, you might just be able to make a figure out, still working the soil

Weeding along the top border…


Sow thousands of seeds…


Yes, he’s back from his holiday and straight in at the deep end. Charlie sowing red amaranth.

Plant the newly propagated strawberries, get rid of the old ones and feed everything including peaches with mushroom compost…


Benjy gets stuck in



Happy, newly fed, planted and watered strawberries.













Even the potting shed got some love today with Raffe re-routing all the wiring neatly and safely across the ceiling.

Look what we found at the bottom of the garden! This  warm, wet weather is perfect for growth. These are the pak choi we sowed on Friday afternoon – germination in just two days!!



Three of us gardeners tucked into good old jacket potatoes with all the trimmings at mine this evening. Not quite Novikov but we were starving.

Good evening X



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