A taste of Autumn

A taste of Autumn

Really fresh in the garden today. This cooler weather and rain has really crisped everything up. I hate to say it, but it’s beginning to feel like Autumn.


Zingy microherbs. The first in the queue, waiting to be cut at 8.30am this morning.

In the walled garden it looked pretty sparkly early on. Raindrops lit up by sun. Until it rained again.


Had some expert lessons from Benjy in the art of lightening box folding when we ran low. Think I’ll stick to gardening.


Well. I always was a bag lady. Eight bags of lettuce in this particular instance. On closer inspection of this image, I see that Guy has become a microherb moving machine, busy ferrying trays from the glasshouse to the cutting area. The cutting area being the potting shed today, in the dry.

Here’s a little treat for you this evening, which proves to me that – in this corner of Suffolk at least – time moves differently. Meet the local village stationary shop where many of BE’s stationary needs are met. Floor to ceiling wares, housed in a cottage, with the owner living behind. He comes into the shop when the ancient doorbell (hanging behind the door) rings.


Note that ‘typewriters’ are serviced here!


Surely this could be a BE chair? Necessary for the wait while the laminator ‘warms up.’


Ugh, clay soil has yielded us character carrots, despite the trenches we dug. They taste great though.


Loads of these baby beetroot went to Novikov today. We have an assortment of colours and shades. This is ‘Albina ice.’

Hope you had a good day X



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