Brent Eleigh Walled Garden and Novikov Restaurant

A concept of abundance, marrying horticultural heritage with fine dining.

Novikov Restaurant has been extremely fortunate to find ourselves able to work with Mr and Mrs Stephens at Brent Eleigh Hall in Suffolk.

They recently took possession of BEH, and have an extensive renovation project on their hands. Within the grounds is a beautiful Victorian walled kitchen garden spread over nearly two acres, which requires resuscitation.

Over the past decade it has been basically tended, but nowhere near to the gardens’ full potential.

Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair has seen this opportunity to further its quest to find the optimum quality of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

The climate in Suffolk and the surrounds of the walled garden are ideal to show off some of the best of English produce, and have it handpicked and harvested and within hours, delivered to Mayfair.

The garden itself has alkaline soil so is a very good start.  The glasshouses and polytunnel structures, need various amounts of work and rebuilding.